« Tree of life » is a collection of 50 unique items, rendered with computer generated imagery, where each image is a different tree, in its own environment. In most countries of the world, vegetation and trees are everywhere around us : In the cities, and by billions in the forests. But are we really looking at them? Do we often look at the beauty and complexity of these trees when we have them in front of us? Go to a desert or rocky place, without any vegetation, don’t you find that there is something sad about this landscape?

The idea of ​​this series is to show the beauty as well as the diversity of elements that we can find in nature, but mostly, to realize how important it is to our planet. Many people perceive trees as a raw material or even as decorative elements, but most underestimate them. A tree alone can be beautiful, but together they create a home for life. They are much more complex than previously thought, they create an ecosystem as they can communicate, warning each other of dangers, via electrical impulses through the roots, or even through the air.

Planting billions of trees across the world is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere to fight the climate crisis, so I decided that I will do a donation of 50% of the sell price to the non profit organization « trees for the future », as they exist since many years and now accept Crypto donations.

Get a Tree of Life to collect unique art and help replant forests.


Copyright Arnaud Moro